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Everything You Need To Know About Choosing The Best Bronzer For Fair Skin

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2. Know your undertones: In case you have no idea what I am talking about, fret not. Your skin has two skin tones. One is your actual skin tone that is, fair, dark, olive, etc. Another is your undertones. Irrespective of whether you have fair skin or light skin or wheatish skin, there is a certain glow that you might notice, which is not very apparent. You might be a warm fair, or a cooler fair, depending on the hues that emanate from your skin. If you notice a bluish tinge to your skin, then you have cool tones, while a warm, yellowish feel to your skins means you have warm undertones. Some people also have neutral undertones, where they neither have a bluish tinge to their skin, nor do they have a warm visage. Irrespective of your undertones, we have picked the perfect bronzer for you.

  • If you have cool undertones, it means that you have, blue, vein-y structure to your skin. Usually people with this kind of skin tone should add a little pinkish glow to their cheeks, and bronzers which have a rose-pink, peach or gold tint to it are best suited for your kind of skin. This will balance out the blue-ness and give your skin depth and a structured glow to make it look sharper. Here are the best bronzers if you have bluish undertones to your skin.
Article Name
Tips And Hacks For Choosing The Best Bronzer For Fair Skin
Picking bronzers has never been this easy! Learn about the vital tips for choosing the best bronzer for fair skin here!
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