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#FestiveGlam This Diwali Splash Out Loud: YOU Be The Bomb With These Festive Looks!

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#Sponsored post, but we LOVE LASplash and its color palette for their original lippies!

Any reason to look fly is a good reason to look fly, right? And Diwali isn’t just ‘any reason,’ people!

Diwali is round the corner. We can feel the pulsating festive vibe in the air, and we know that all the ladies out there want to tone with that feel, flaunting different festival looks with a radiant skin, hypnotic shimmery grey-black smoky eyes, and cheeks so flushed that apples would shy away! But one detail they will tend to trip up on, is the lipstick shade they single out for themselves, unaware of how that minute hiccup can wreck their entire look!

You don’t want that to happen to you, right? :) Neither do we! So, here we are, with a lip color palette like never before, for you to pamper yourself with! The lipstick range offered by LASplash can lend your Diwali looks a hefty, and ESSENTIAL, spell of shimmer and joie de vivre!

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Below are some celeb lip looks that are making waves on Instagram. This Diwali, you can wear them on, with your anarkalis, sarees, and lehenga-cholis, and put that sizzling firecracker to shame! Here’s how.

1. The hippie-lippie look  

Just when you think you have figured the metallic lip shades, Alia bathes her lips with a tinge that is not even on the chart! But with a dash of the right tone, you can work her lip look, effortlessly. Try swiping on LASplash’s Athena, from the Studio Shine – Lip Lustre pool.

Just a splash of this hue will put the last touches on your ensemble’s bohemian feel. The fairy dusted waterproof formula glides smoothly over your lips, without transferring or feathering, while allowing you to stay ahead of the others in the lip game!

Snatch the shade, right here!

2. The petal-pink lip look

The glow-y pink shade is, at once, easy, and at the same time, looks stunning, when packed on boldly. To stop the tone from looking too dated, try a monochromatic application that lets your rig out have a maximum impact. To revamp the been-there-done-that lip shade, blend LASplash’s Irresistible Velvet Matte, a gorgeous blush nude lippie, with Hermes, a petal pink lipstick with lilac undertones. One coat of both to perk up that perfect pout for your Diwali selfies!

Hermes’ velvety matte finish seals the blended color, conjuring up a waterproof, smudge-proof finish that neither transfers nor fades, just like your aura!

Book yourself an Irresistible and a Hermes, here and here!

3. The intense satin lip look

The red lippie is one lip look that can never go wrong! You can call it a Holy Grail lippie, if you want to, because when you club it with your ethnic ensemble, you look dressed for the Gods! To get a dupe of this lip color, all you got to do is visit the LASplash India’s page, and pick Inflamed from their Smitten Lip Tint Mousse collection. Reddest of reds, this shade is worth flashing ostentatiously to make a splash this Diwali!

The Smitten Lip Tint Mousse palette offers 11 intense colors for all vivacious women out there, who like indulging their lips in some BOLDelicious hues. The formula is innovative, light as a feather, and sashays over the lips, immediately drying to a velvet matte.

Go on a bender on Inflamed, right here.

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4. The pastel-neon pink fusion lip look

Doesn’t PC stump us with her look Every Single Time? Is that even legit?! Because, if it is, we are taking a crack at it for our festival looks! A hot pink shade from LASplash’s Lip Couture family, when fused with another bright, pastel pink hue from the same palette, can create an effect that makes turning heads a pushover! I am alluding to Forbidden and Lollipop, two bold and highly pigmented shades from the Couture collection that ranges from neutrals to solid blacks.

Gift yourself the choice to look exquisite, this Diwali, here and here!

5. The hot enflamed lip look

A jolt of red is all you need to make a lasting impression this Diwali. To look as ravishing as Sonam, you need to get your hands on a classic red shade that is a must-have in everybody’s lip wardrobe: Poison Apple from LASplash’s Lip Couture pool. This tint gives your traditional outfit a high-fashion feel by playing up the energy and complementing your light-kissed glow. Also sweep the color on the apples of your cheeks for a warm balanced look.

There is only one destination for that divinity of a lip hue, and that’s right here!

6. The muted matte lip look

The one color that is always on-trend, red, is what makes you feel like royalty. While you keep the rest of your face looking au naturel and dewy, douse your lips in liberal coats of Lady, a vintage red shade from LASplash’s Lip Lustre palette. The red shimmer finish and the brown undertone, born from the idea of bathing your lips in couture colors, can perfect any complexion. Lady is a cult-favorite for its long-lasting coverage and sheen.

Get Lady home, this Diwali. Shop right here!

7. The peppy bubble gum lip look  


Red lippie is an easy go-to for us, whenever we want that oomph-ness in our look. But currently, we are seeing a different hue pack a harder punch than a retro crimson. Yes, a hot pink lip shade!

Bubble gum lips not only lend an additional feminine touch to your classic get up, but also keep things peppy and young.

LASplash’s Jasmine from the Lip Lustre assortment, creates a pretty wash of color while moisturizing your lips, without giving them a hair-stuck-in-flypaper effect. The lippie is a fairy dusted waterproof formula, with just enough warmth to accentuate your golden undertones.

Buy the shade here.

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8. The coral pink smudge-proof lip look  



This lip color is every outfit’s cheery cherry on top! To get the look, wear Summer Bliss, from LASplash’s Lip Couture range of waterproof lipsticks. Summer Bliss is a trendy coral pink shade that beauty buffs cannot seem to get enough of! It has a matte finish that will stay on, regardless of what Diwali snack you binge on!

To have a little lip fun, blend Summer Bliss with Ariel, a feel-good pinky, with Merlot-like undertones, that looks epic on all skin tones.

Splurge on the shades, here and here!

If there is one makeup creation that instantly revs up your look and transforms you into a diva, it is your lipstick! And so, you need to be absolutely sure of what lip shade you are picking up for Diwali this year. Glossy, matte, nude, bold, and metallic, LASplash’s lip color palette will satisfy all your lip lusts.

Stack your bag with options that range from classic shades and brights, to muted flairs and interesting textures, now and here! Also, since Diwali is the season of gifts, you can buy your BFF a shade or two… or may be grab them all for yourself! 😉

So which of the lip hues will you be clubbing with your festival looks, this Diwali? Sound off in the comments!

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This Diwali, YOU Be The Bomb With These Festival Looks!
With Diwali just around the corner, these celeb festival looks are sure to come in handy!
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