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#WorstOf2016 Top 10 Celebrity Breakups Of 2016 That Broke Our Hearts

While 2015 was officially the year of breakups, so to say, this year too we saw many breakup stories, do the rounds. Some of the breakups this year, like Brad Pitt’s and Angelina Jolie’s, broke our heart too.


When High School Musical star, Zac Efron, and his girlfriend, Sam Miro, called it quits, we thought we should take up the heart wrenching task of rounding off 2016’s celebrity breakups, and here they are:

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1. Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

angelina jolie and brad pitt

Image source: Shutterstock

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt called time on their marriage this September, after 12 years of partnership and 2 years of marriage. It was a huge shock for everyone who thought Brangelina was a forever and always kinda love story. Jolie filed for divorce on the 19th of September, which triggered a pretty nasty custody battle over the couple’s six children.

2. Gigi Hadid & Zayn Malik


Image source: Pinterest/ Fashion District

After dating for almost 7 months, Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik made their breakup official, on the 2nd of June, this year. The couple were first linked together towards the end of 2015. When they walked arm-in-arm on the red carpet at the Met Gala, everyone knew they were an item. The news of their break up was saddening, considering how madly in love both of them looked. However, there breakup was quite mature, and Gigi even posted support on social media for Zayn when he went public regarding his tussle with anxiety. In September, this year, the two sort out their differences, and are officially back together again, and we hope they stay that way forever.

3. Mariah Carey & James Packer  


Image source: Pinterest/E! Online

According to ET, Carey and Packer broke up in September, this year. The couple had discussed a pre-nup before separating, and according to sources, the prenup was for about 50 M dollars!

4. Tobey Maguire & Jennifer Meyer


Image source: Pinterest/DesignerzCentral

In October, the Spider Man actor, Tobey Maguire, and his wife, Jennifer Meyer, separated after almost a decade of marriage. The duo has two children, Ruby, who is 9, and Otis, who is 7.

According to a statement given by the couple to ET,

“After much soul searching and consideration we have made the decision to separate as a couple. As devoted parents, our first priority remains raising our children together with enduring love, respect and friendship.”

5. Liev Schreiber & Naomi Watts


Image source: Pinterest/

Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watts sepearted after 11 years of togetherness. According to a joint statement given by the couple,

“Over the past few months we’ve come to the conclusion that the best way forward for us as a family is to separate as a couple. It is with great love, respect, and friendship in our hearts that we look forward to raising our children together and exploring this new phase of our relationship. While we appreciate your curiosity and support, we ask the press to be mindful of our children and respect their right to privacy.”

6. Chloe Grace Moretz & Brooklyn Beckham


Image source: Pinterest/InStyle

This was a summer love, and so, was short-lived. Though the stars flaunted their love life on their Instagram handles, the actress aired her frustrations regarding their relationship. She told Glamour,

“Seriously, you don’t know how often I’m just described as ‘his girlfriend. And you think: ‘Well, I’ve also been acting for 13 years, but don’t worry.'”

7. Jennifer Lopez & Casper Smart

celebrity breakups of 2016_New_Love_Times

Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

In late August, 2016, reports of Lopez’s and Smart’s break up surfaced for the first time. While the duo did not confirm their split, there were plenty of hints on social media about the end of their relationship. While Smart, on his Instagram handle, wrote, “New experiment. Gonna try to live old school for a little while. Going back to a time before social media. Gonna focus on personal connections over a type and text existence”, Lopez, just said, “Protect your heart.”

8. Josh Groban & Kat Dennings


Image source: Pinterest/E! Online

Groban and Dennings split after dating for two years. The relationship today is amicable, according to what a source told ET.

9. Lady Gaga & Taylor Kinney

celebrity breakups of 2016_New_Love_Times

Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License

Taylor Kinney and Lady Born-This-Way-Gaga confirmed that they were “taking a break” from each other. Gaga clarified about the fact that this was just a ‘break’ and not a ‘breakup’. She said, “Taylor and I have always believed we are soulmates. Just like all couples we have ups and downs, and we have been taking a break. Please root us on.”

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10. Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris


Image source: Pinterest/Shelby Griffin

T-Swizzle and Calvin Harris broke up after a year of togetherness. A number of celebrity magazines have confirmed that it was Harris who called it quits. But it was Taylor who moved on “Swiftly” with Tom Hiddleston!

That is everything we have on top 10 celebrity breakups of this year. For the most stunning celebrity wedding dresses of 2016, keep your eyes on this segment on the best and the worst of 2016!

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#WorstOf2016 Top 10 Celebrity Breakups of 2016
When High School Musical star, Zac Efron, & Sam Miro, called it quits, we thought we'd take up the heart wrenching task of rounding off 2016’s celebrity breakups for you.
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