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Top 10 Sites In India To Buy Adult Products From

The market of adult products in India has so far been … non-existent. Till now, that is. Suddenly, there seems to be a surge in demand for adult products, especially by women. There are a number of reasons for this, one being that women these days are delaying marriage and would like some ‘companionship’ in the mean time. Also, with the intrusion of the Internet in all our homes, couples are more aware and more open to experimenting with positions, role playing, acting out fantasies, and so on. Also, urban India has seen a rise in bachelor and bachelorette parties, where most of the gifts and entertainment center around risqué games.

And companies are fast rising up (pun intended) to this increasing demand. Several websites specializing in adult products have popped up seemingly overnight, and even generic e-commerce sites like Amazon and Flipkart have sections devoted to them. And you don’t even have to go to a brick and mortar store for this! All the websites promise discreet packaging with no mention of the product even on the invoice, so that you can even get them delivered at your workplace without anyone being the wiser! So, for no special reason, go bold and get something to spice up your love life. Here is a list of 10 of the best adult product sites in India to buy adult products from, without announcing it to the whole world.

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1. That’s Personal


That’s Personal

Image source

Started by ex-Microsoft Business Development Chief Samir Saraiya, That’s Personal is probably the first one to make good headway into the adult products market in India. They probably are the most organized among the best adult products sites in India and also feature the complete Fifty Shades of Grey merchandise. There is currently a sale of upto 50% off on all products with 60% off on women’s lingerie. They also offer discreet delivery where you can choose your pickup point at the same pincode.

2. IM Besharam


IM Besharam

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IM Besharam features porn star turned Bollywood actress Sunny Leone as the brand ambassador and goes so far as to feature clothes that she’s worn! The site has an extensive range of products – toys for all kinds of sex, positional aids, games, and several ‘educational’ books. Besides these, there are party supplies for all kinds of occasions, even a divorce party! They also promise plain packaging with no mention of the product or website.

3. Shycart



Image source

As its name suggests, Shycart sells all those products that you might be embarrassed to buy from an actual store, in front of actual humans. This includes pregnancy kits, breast pumps, and sanitary napkins. So, while they do have condoms, lubes, and sexy lingerie, the variety of products is quite limited, although the prices are competitive warranting a place on this list of best adult products sites in India. They promise that the courier will not have any idea about the sender or the contents of the package.

4. Kaamastra



Image source

Kaamastra is a clever play of words on the Kaama Sutra, which many Indians themselves don’t know much about! The site is mainly about wearables, from sheer lingerie, body jewelry, and all kinds of nightwear with strategically placed holes and cut outs. There is also a detailed section with costumes for fantasy play which are reasonably priced. They promise to deliver your goods safely and discreetly within a black box which will not even have the name of the site on it.

5. Oh my Secrets


Oh My Secrets

Image source

This site seems to have a good number when it comes to categories, but each category doesn’t have too many choices. Of their products, they seem to have more of gels, lubes, enhancers, and edible accessories. They offer discreet packaging where there will be nothing written on the box in case of prepaid orders. In case of COD, they’ll only mention a general category like clothing, personal care, accessories, etc.,

6. Exciting Lives


Exciting Lives

Image source

The focus of Exciting Lives is more on gifts, so you’ll find quite a few funky products as well as regular adult ones. This is a great place for fun games to break the ice in the bedroom – Kama Sutra playing cards, love dice, body pens, and personalized underwear. There are quite a few picks for a bachelor or bachelorette party. Careful, some of those T shirts can’t be worn otherwise!

7. Privy Pleasures


Privy Pleasures

Image source

This is a simple, user-friendly website which focuses mainly on lingerie and body accessories. They have a huge range of babydolls, teddies, body stockings, bikini sets, and fantasy costumes. They even have a plus-size section and a men’s lingerie category, which is a rare find. In short, this is the ideal place to shop for lingerie among the best adult products sites in India. The prices are on the slightly higher side but still affordable. They have a sale going on right now, with a discount of upto 20%.

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8. Bliss Basket


Bliss Basket

Image source

Bliss Basket is probably the only site in India that offers a subscription service for adult products – imagine getting a box full of these goodies every month! They have a full range of edibles, including instant meals in naughty shapes. There are a few unique things here like the Anti Bullshit spray, erotic novels, and completely inappropriate T shirts! There is also a host of games, and they promise discreet shipping in an opaque box with no mention of the contents.

9. Flipkart



Image source

Flipkart started off selling the latest bestsellers in books and look how much it’s grown – it now features among the best adult products sites in India! The advantage of buying from Flipkart is that it has quite a big customer base and most products have reviews and ratings which help when making a purchase. There are a few deals to be had on condoms and the lubes & gels category. But as can be expected, the variety of pleasure devices and toys is less than the other websites. Also, there is no mention of discreet packaging.

10. eBay



Image source

eBay is also a generic e-commerce site like Flipkart, but it has much more variety in terms of products. Besides condoms and the usual gels and oils, there are many accessories and games to choose from. Again, the product page or description doesn’t say anything about the packaging and whether it’ll be discreet.

As you can see, there are many suppliers for adult products in India now, and you are quite spoilt for choice. It is estimated that the adult products business in India will grow to INR 9,000 crores by the year 2020! Go ahead, contribute to those numbers and get your shopping done to spice up your love life!

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