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#BestOf2016 Here Are The Most “Hearted” Celebrity Instagram Posts of 2016

Hi folks! As 2016 draws to a close, here we are with the top 10 celeb Instagram posts of 2016. Instagram has already released the names of the accounts that were followed the most in 2016, and this year because of your clicks, Selena Gomez with 104 m followers, who is ‘killin’ it with kindness’, has leaped ahead of T-Swizzle aka Taylor Swift with only 94.2 m followers! So, Gomez and Swift obviously made it to this list of hottest Instagram pics, but we also had 8 spots to fill, and your ‘hearts’ helped us with that.

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So dudes and dudettes, get ready for the top 10 celeb Instagram pictures that you followers have hearted the most!

1. Selena Gomez

With your lyrics on the label of a coke bottle, it makes total sense that your Insta followers will celebrate that moment for you with a heart! This picture of Selena Gomez received a whopping 5.9 million ‘loves’! Well, what can we say, Selena, you are the spark! We went through her feed to look for the most popular post, and the lesson she seemed to be giving the world through her account is: People will look, make it worth their while!

2. Cristiano Ronaldo

When Cristiano kissed the Euro Cup winning trophy, his followers went berserk! With 3.6 million likes, Ronaldo is the first male insta star on this list. The other pictures speak volumes of the kind of fun this guy has, and the amount of blood, sweat and tears he puts in his passion! Go Ronaldo!

3. Taylor Swift

Though her feed is b-O-ring *ducks a punch*, you got to go through the feed of one of the most followed peeps on Instagram, when preparing a list of the most popular posts on Instagram, right?! Tay seems to think it is very important to tell the world who she rides with. And so, she floods her account with pictures of her taken with fellow celebs. May be that is a way of enhancing her street cred! As far as squad goals go, we give you a 10 on 10, Swift!

4. Kendall Jenner

The pictorial tool, Instragram seems to be a very focal part of Kendall Jenner’s life. People of the millennial wave use Instagram to brand themselves, and to that end, Jenner is not leaving any stone unturned!

5. Kylie Jenner

If there was an award for the most popular fam jam on Instagram, it would most definitely go to the Kardashian clan! Now I do not want to get into trouble by describing the content of their feed! So guys, check their accounts out for yourself!

6. Ariana Grande

Grande is on number 6 on our list of the hottest Instagram pics. She uses Instagram to engage with her fans, and boy, doesn’t she do that well! If you skim through her feed, you will see loads of downloaded Snapchat videos, which some find kinda odd, but if that’s what got her to this list, then what the heck!

7. Beyoncé

When you quickly browse through Beyoncé’s account, your first impression of it isn’t quite impressive, but once you look deep and follow her for a while, you can see how her pics look like she rocks! Pictures of la familia can give you a major aw moment, and so this picture, with its 2.1 million loves, had to make it to our list!

8. Kim Kardashian

Who is the most self-obsessed person on Instagram? Kim Kardashian. Who posts the most annoying selfies on Instagram? Kim Kardashian. Who causes riots and controversies just by hitting the share button on Instagram? Kim Kardashian. Then, why is she on this list? That’s because you seem to love her any way!

The Kardashians are insane AF, we know that, right? They have created their own apps. They upload like a sh*tload of pics a day. But, nonetheless, you cannot ignore them or the fact that they are the most followed people on Instagram!

9. Nicki Minaj

According to Minaj, if you are going to sell yourself anyway, DO NOT sell yourself short! Nicki Minaj uses her Instagram account to flaunt her big… personality! 😉 But what confuses me about her Insta behavior is her habit of posting cheesy inspirational memes!

10. Lionel Messi

Leo, though one of the most followed celebs on Instagram, rarely uploads a picture! But that cannot stop your fans from hitting that follow button, dude! And this picture right here deserves all the likes, because it has covered all the elements that make a good Instagram post: An adorable dog, nature porn, tattoos, a footballer in a basketball jersey, and that drool-worthy beard! What else does an Insta follower need!

That’s all we have on the top 10 celebrity Instagram posts of 2016. Who is your favorite Insta celeb, and why do you follow him or her? Let us know in the comment section below.

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#BestOf2016 Here Are The Hottest Instagram Pics Of 2016
Hi folks! As 2016 draws to a close, here we are with the 10 hottest Instagram pics of 2016. You gotta check these out!
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