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[Insta-celeb Series] Let Olivia Palermo’s Style Diary Fashionspire You!

Olivia Palermo was a member of the American café society, if I may put it that way, until she rose to fame in 2009 after being cast in The City, a reality TV series on the lives of Whiney Port and her friends Lauren Conrad, Heidi Montag and Audrina Patridge. 2009 also saw Palermo being signed to Wilhelmina Models. Palermo has since featured on the covers of Elle, Marie Claire, and ASOS mag, among other fashion publications.

We nosed about fashion magazines to uncover Palermo’s most on-point looks, but that turned out to be a tough task since the gal looks rad in whatever she slips into, right? Whether she is dressed for the New York Fashion Week or running some errands with her hair tied into a top knot, Olivia Palermo is the ultimate style diva, people!

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In Olivia Palermo Style diary, we have tried to chronicle her journey in the fashion world, and have gathered style tips from her Instagram feed; prompts that you will covet as a fashion junkie yourself!

Olivia Palermo style diary

1. Essential fashion details spilled by the diva herself

Every woman’s wardrobe must-haves, according to Palermo, include,

“A great structured blazer in white or black is really versatile. You can wear it to work, with jeans on the weekends, or to a black-tie event. You need a mid-length skirt with great heels and, of course, a pair of flats to walk around in.”

2. Hair care tips

Talking about her lustrous mane, Palermo says,

“I’m really lucky, because my mother has the most amazing hair, so I think I inherited a little of that from her. I’m high-maintenance in the sense that I get a trim every month just to keep it healthy and get rid of split ends. I go to Andre Davis at Julien Farel Salon. He’s been my hairstylist for ten years.”

3. The au naturel makeup

Palermo goes minimal on her makeup, and suggests you do the same. Here’s a beatdown that she wants to share with you:

“I keep a fresh face, nude lips with matte skin and smoky eyes. I also always have a travel size can of L’Oreal Elnett hairspray, and a comb!”

4. Accessories on fleek

Olivia hearts junk jewelry which she blends into her looks. Speaking of relatively cheaper fashion alternatives, she says,

“There’s so much affordable fashion out there these days, like Topshop, Mango and Zara. I love that these brands are doing collaborations with designers because it makes it even more accessible for young girls who want to be stylish. Topshop have such cutting-edge pieces.”

5. How to be 9 to 5 to 9 dressy-uppy?

Finding it difficult to express your individuality and love for fashion at work because of the necessity to look professional? Let Miss Palermo help you with that:

“Definitely start with a tank top and layer with a sweater and a great pair of shoes. The key is to know what’s appropriate and what the environment is. For the girl-on-the-go, you can’t always wear heels all the time, so I love motorcycle boots or my Stuart Weitzman boots.”

Looks like fashion world’s sweetheart is also a rebel heart, huh? Reviewing her style story so far, we can say that Olivia Palermo does not fear the rules, instead she breaks them an ensemble a time! The wisest fashion icon of all time, Coco Chanel once alerted about the snares and snags of over-accessorizing and about dressing up for the weather. Well, Palermo seems to disagree a little, right? She is a renegade, and we love her for that. She has shown us how with the right ornaments, belts and pair of shoes, you can make an out-of-season attire look like the in thing!

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Which of these looks from Olivia’s fashion rule book will you be trying your hands on, because, you know what Palermo once said, right? She said,

“I really get inspired by stylish girls around the world that I see on the street. Colors, patterns, throughout my travels, whatever catches my eye.”

Her eyes are on you, gals!

It’s a wrap from us on Olivia Palermo Style diaries. For more on style tips, tricks and tutorials, sign up for our daily newsletter today. See ya!

Featured image source: Pinterest/ Olivia Palermo

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Olivia Palermo Style Diary Will Fashionspire You!
In Olivia Palermo Style diary, we chronicle her journey in the fashion world. These tips from her Instagram feed will prompt you to up your style game.
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